Small cottage garden 

A small garden but with loads of potential. The home owners wanted a peaceful haven, a cottage style garden with curves and a lawn. They also wanted to re-use as many materials as possible, so an original path was taken up and turned into a patio where the garden gets the last of the evening sun. A granite block water feature was relocated to near the new patio and with Scottish pebbles is now a calming 'bubbler'. Reclaimed bricks from a local reclamation yard (big up Oldfield Reclamation's in Old Hill) were used for the path edges. A circular Woodblocx planter is currently a sandpit but once this has been grown out of, it can be turned back into a planter by adding compost for alpines.  For the paths, a product called 'self bind gravel' was used; quick and relatively cheap, the gravel compacts over time and is what you see used on National Trust paths. 

The planting focused on pastel shades, whites and creams and are mainly herbaceous perennials that will come back year after year. 

Jo did an absolutely wonderful job on turning our back garden from a junk yard into a beautiful cottage garden!
— Nicky D