Design and


I want to de-mystify garden and plant design and make it accessible and achievable for everyone.

If you have some ideas but can't quite visualise them or wonder if they will work, I can help. 

Concept ideas and Plans

From £150 I can give you a written summary of initial discussions we have had from a garden assessment. A report on soil, aspect, a 'mood board' of visual ideas, and a concept plan. £150 is based on 6 hours work following the £25 assessment visit. If you want the design work doing, the garden assessment fee is included.

Bytheway concept 3D7.png

Concept and detail plans

If you already know that you want a redesign of part or all of your space; I can design more detailed concept and detail plans. Do get in touch to discuss.


Planting Plans and Schemes

I can put together planting schemes to suit any requirements, be that for seasonal interest, ease of maintenance, for wildlife, for fragrance, or for awkward areas. Having a whole plant scheme designed in one go makes the most of your budget.

Plant Inventory and Maintenance plan

I can provide you with a list of plants you have, what to expect from them, what they need to thrive and how to maintain them.