Garden Design

What will it cost?

I base my charges for producing the design drawings on £40 an hour. 

Every project is different so I estimate how long the design work will take based on a number of factors; 

  • size of site,

  • complexity of site

  • the number of elements you want in your garden

So the larger the garden, the more complicated the site (perhaps one with many changes of level) and the variety of key elements (eg, water feature, play areas, bespoke constructions, lighting) all play a part in how long it will take to arrive at the final plan. 

Rest assured, I don’t operate a rolling hourly charge so unless stated the prices set out in a design quote are based on how long I think it will take and that is what you will pay. 

I provide 3D visuals as standard so you can really get a sense of what the garden will look and feel like. 

Once you agree to embark on my services, 50% of the design fee is payable at the time of commission, with the balance due on immediate receipt of the various plans. I will invoice at various stages through the project. 


What will I get?

There are a number of stages to the design process.

Site Survey and Analysis

Client brief report - a clear agreed description of what you want from your garden and is the basis for the design.

Concept design drawings - drawings that are not necessarily to scale but give you a layout of the hardstanding and soft planting areas and should evoke a clear sense of what the garden could be. We then have a meeting to discuss and make any changes to the concept.

Mood boards - to be used alongside the concept drawing mood boards are an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text etc intended to evoke the particular style and look of the garden.

Masterplan drawings - A final drawing of the garden.

Other products that may be required:

Design specification and construction plans - for a contractor to enable quote for building the garden.

Technical specification drawings - For example drawings of bespoke pergola’s, lighting systems, water features.

Planting plans - a plan of specific plants their location, number and size.